La enseñanza de la clínica en la era moderna.

Clinical education in the modern era
Alberto Lifshitz-Guinzberga

a Secretaría de Salud. México D.F., México.

Recepción 21 de mayo 2012; aceptación 13 de junio 2012

Palabras Clave

Competencia clínica; aprendizaje clínico; razonamiento clínico; pacientes artificiales; tecnología.


Clinical competence; clinical learning; clinical reasoning; standarized patients; technology.


Clinical learning is more an issue of skills than of knowledge. It includes the ability to collect information and to interpret it; to clinical reasoning in diagnosis, therapeutics and prognosis; to have dominion on current clinical procedures; to obtain patient’s and family confidence; to accept the responsibility of his/her care. Relationship with technology and modern educational advices, along with modern conceptual boarding of clinical care, are all characteristic of a XXI century clinician who is able to take advantage from virtual patients, clinical simulators and other technological appliances to put them at the service of real patients.