La enseñanza de la comunicación en medicina.

Teaching communication in medicine

Ileana María Petra-Micua

a Coordinación de Enseñanza, Departamento de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. México D.F., México.

Recepción 15 de mayo 2012; aceptación 20 de junio 2012

Palabras Clave

Comunicación; educación médica; competencia clínica.


Communication; medical education; clinical competence.


Communication is considered as the process of understanding and sharing the meaning of something, it´s the basic element of human interaction that enables people to establish, maintain and improve contact with others as well as participate in the knowledge of each other. At the same time is seen as a skill and a way of showing their personality within a relationship. In the field of the health sciences; communication is seen as a basic competency to elucidate the patient’s symptoms, their problems and concerns and it is known to facilitate the promotion of health and the attachment to the treatment. It is also indispensable for a good relationship not only with patients but with peers.

Communication is a learned skill, composed of verbal and non-verbal behaviors that must be developed from the first year of the career till the post graduate level. The development of these skills includes oral, paraverbal, not verbal, written communication and the management of active listening.

Carrying out a proper education of these and other areas will help in the development of an effective communication and will enriches his medical training, This can be seen in the some of the following results of his professional practice: higher patient satisfaction, improves adherence to treatment, reduction in the risk of a medical error and improved physician satisfaction.