El portafolio: la evaluación de su aplicación en la enseñanza de medicina por competencias. Facultad de Medicina de Matamoros, UAT

Portfolio: it´s evaluation in competency based study strategies of medicine at Matamoros UAT medical school
Jesús Adrián Maldonado-Mancillas a, Leonor Marlene Portillo-García a

a Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, Matamoros, Tamps. México.

Recepción 5 de febrero del 2013; aceptación 29 de marzo del 2013

Palabras Clave

Portafolio; medicina basada en competencias y aprendizaje; México.


Portfolio; competency based medicine; learning; Mexico.


Introduction: The new educational policies, with the need to achieve their goals and objectives have given the responsibility to the professors in order to realize the whole teaching-learning process. Trying multiple ways to achieve the learning process and knowing its quality, we have procedures and instruments like portfolio. From a constructivist point of view and with competency model the portfolio has become a versatile and modern teaching tool that has been implemented at the Faculty of Medicine, Matamoros, UAT; then the main question emerge: What has been the impact in the quality of education in the Surgeon Program at the Faculty of Medicine, Matamoros, UAT, using the portfolio as a teaching tool?

Objective: Knowing the advantages of portfolio as a support system for study strategies throw organization, documentation and the use of homework, investigations and personal advances.

Material and methods: This research was quantitative, prospective, exploratory with homogeneous nonrandom purposive sampling, 90 students participated, 57 females and 43 males, age rank 18-27 years old, they were students of Medical-Surgical Propaedeutics Courses I and II (August to December 2012). Instruments: Evaluative questionnaire Likert type self-applyied.

Results: We used SPSS program, version for statistical analysis, and the results show that those students with self-directed studying recommend the use of the portfolio to other subjects.

Conclusion: With respect to learning, with the use of portfolio we got very favorable results and as for the evaluation of medical competency, with the application of portfolio, students were achieved in the three domains of general competence profile for the Mexican General Practitioner being: 1) The general medical care, 2) the methodological and instrumental capacity in science and humanities and 3) the domain of the scientific basis of medicine. So consider recommending the portfolio for the medical career.