La entrevista, recurso flexible y dinámico

The interview, a flexible and dynamic resource
Laura Díaz-Bravo a, Uri Torruco-García a, Mildred Martínez-Hernández a, Margarita Varela-Ruiz. a

a Departamento de Investigación en Educación Médica, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México D.F., México.

Recepción 16 de abril de 2013; aceptación 13 de mayo de 2013

Palabras Clave

Entrevista; investigación cualitativa; educación médica; México.


Interview; qualitative research; medical education; Mexico.


The interview is defined as "a conversation which proposes a particular purpose other than simply talk." It is a very useful technical tool in qualitative research to collect data. This article aims to define the interview, reviews its classification with emphasis on semi-structured for being flexible, dynamic and non-directive. Also, it points out how to develop questions, outlines how to interpret it and its benefits. Finally, because of its importance in medical practice and medical education we review some examples of its use.