Education and life project amidst civilisation collapse. Part II

Educación y proyecto vital en un mundo en colapso civilizatorio. Parte II
Leonardo Viniegra Velázqueza

a Unidad de Investigación en Medicina Basada en Evidencias, Hospital Infantil de México Federico Gómez, Ciudad de México D.F., México

Recibido el 23 de noviembre de 2015; aceptado el 6 de enero de 2016

Palabras Clave

Proyecto vital, Educación, Dignidad, Colapso civilizatorio, Individualismo, Pasividad.


Life project, Education, Dignity, Civilisation collapse, Individualism, Passivity.


Part II is dedicated to the understanding of the life project as an assessment of our own life experiences to guide our decisions, actions and pursuits to the achievement of our goals, which in our current day and age have a tacit and individualistic nature, fostered by passive education, which is in tune with the ongoing civilization rupture.

Participatory education is proposed as the model that provides powerful cognitive motives to the meaning of life, the most important of which is the knowledge of oneself and his or her own context, allowing learners to delve into and acknowledge the civilization catastrophe and to retaliate by taking on altruistic life projects, based on the quest for self and others’ dignity, as the main concern of life's priorities.

The proposed life project is a cognitive adventure, a product of participatory education and other similar influences, capable of transcending consumerism, individualism and passivity, the biggest obstacles to the creation of another world were the spiritual, intellectual and moral overcoming of the human condition can be viable. The life project entails three things. 1) A guiding principle: The everlasting struggle for sublimated dignity. 2) A primary need: to link oneself with like-minded people that synergise against the current, imperative order. 3) An unavoidable purpose: the creation of pluralistic, inclusive, deliberative and supportive societies, able to care for the planetary ecosystem.