Evolution of assessing teaching performance in the Faculty of Medicine; evidence of validity and reliability

Evolución de la evaluación del desempeño docente en la Facultad de Medicina; evidencia de validez y confiabilidad
Fernando Flores Hernándeza, Florina Gatica Laraa, Melchor Sánchez-Mendiolab, Adrián Martínez Gonzálezb

a Departamento de Evaluación Educativa, Secretaría de Educación Médica, Facultad de Medicina, UNAM, Cd. Mx., México
b Coordinación de Desarrollo Educativo e Innovación Curricular, Secretaría General, UNAM, Cd. Mx., México

Recibido 20 abril 2016, Aceptado 27 junio 2016

Palabras Clave

Evaluación, Desempeño docente, Instrumentos, Confiabilidad, Validez


Evaluation, Teacher performance, Instruments, Reliability, Validity


Introduction: There are several models aimed at evaluating teaching performance that consider teaching as an institutional project to increase the quality of education.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to assess the evolution and transition of the various instruments associated with the process of assessing teacher performance at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine in Mexico City, in terms of content and evidence of reliability and validity.

Method: The study is analytical, longitudinal and retrospective, in which the following instruments are analysed: METEBQ-B, COED, and OPINEST, in three phases; a) contrast of structure and content; b) contrast of psychometric values, and c) contrast of the dimensions with trends and other prevailing models.

Results: The instruments have a Likert scale, reliability greater than 95, an explained variance greater than 50%, and a variable range of ítems from 24 to 44. As regards content, the instruments have moved from a focus on assessing student satisfaction to an assessment of teaching competencies. The instrument dimensions in the latest versions are consistent with national and international benchmarks

Discussion and conclusion: The evaluation of teaching performance is one of the pillars that can sustain the quality of the education system. The Department of Medical Education at UNAM at UNAM Faculty of Medicine has developed several instruments that show evidence of validity and reliability.