The challenge and future of simulation as a teaching strategy in nursing

El desafío y futuro de la simulación como estrategia de enseñanza en enfermería
Eugenia Urra Medinaa, Sandra Sandoval Barrientosb, Fabio Irribarren Navarroc

a Departamento de Enfermería, Universidad de La Serena, La Serena, Chile
b Departamento de Salud, Universidad de Los Lagos, Puerto Montt, Chile
c Universidad de Antofagasta, Chile

Recibido 25 noviembre 2016, Aceptado 22 enero 2017

Palabras Clave

Educación en enfermería, Simulación clínica, Currículo, Simuladores


Nursing education, Clinical simulation, Nursing curriculum, Simulators


Simulation has been used for decades in the curriculum of nursing programs, and is an effective strategy for clinical training. This literature review should help to reflect on its evolution and the way this methodology could be incorporated in the curriculum, with integrated teaching models that can be evaluated to ensure an adequate and effective learning experience. Some dilemmas must be considered in its use, and account taken of the reality and its representation. These have implications on the essential nature of nursing: the caring of human being.