Burnout in nursing students of a private university

Burnout en estudiantes de enfermería de una universidad privada
María Ángela Uribe T.a, Mónica Illesca P.b

a Facultad de Salud, Universidad Santo Tomás, Los Ángeles, Chile
b Departamento de Medicina Interna, Universidad de La Frontera, Temuco, Chile

Recibido 10 agosto 2016, Aceptado 17 noviembre 2016

Palabras Clave

Burnout, Estudiante de Enfermería


Burnout, Nursing student


Introduction: Burnout is common to all those who perform any activity and are overwhelmed by the lack of time, excess of tasks, increased obligations, and awareness of the impossibility of fulfilling all that planned. It is not unique to any gender, race, social status, profession or age.

Academic Burnout arises from the assumption that students, particularly university students, like any professional, encounter pressures and their own pedagogical work overload. They maintain a relationship of direct and indirect compensation with the institution, evidenced by economic support, scholarships and awards. Thus the requirement of work should be equal to the excess of activities and tasks of the learning process.

Objective: To determine the presence of burnout syndrome in students of the School of Nursing in a private University in Chile, expressed in sociodemographic variables-academic and relationship Burnout levels, attitudinal and behavioural areas.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on 244 subjects. To collect the data the Student Burnout one-dimensional scale was used, as well as a tool for obtaining sociodemographic and academic background. The descriptive analysis is expressed in frequency distribution tables, and the association between variables using the Spearman correlation index and Chi2.

Results: All (100%) of the students had Academic Burnout, with the ‘mild’ level prevailing (73.4%), and the behavioural indicator being predominant. There was no significant relationship in a syndrome association analysis using sociodemographic and academic variables.

Conclusions: The students of the School of Nursing have burnout syndrome, being predictor of possible future difficulties in the professional field.