Burnout syndrome in premedical students

Síndrome de burnout en aspirantes a la carrera de medicina
Alejandro Daniel Domínguez-Gonzáleza, María Teresa Velasco-Jiméneza, Dulce María Meneses-Ruiza, Gilberto Guzmán Valdivia-Gómeza, María Guadalupe Castro-Martíneza

a Facultad Mexicana de Medicina, Universidad La Salle , Ciudad de México, México

Recibido 05 agosto 2016, Aceptado 14 noviembre 2016

Palabras Clave

Síndrome de burnout, Burnout en estudiantes de medicina, Estudiantes de medicina, Curso propedéutico


Burnout syndrome, Burnout in medical students, Medical students, Propaedeutic course


Introduction: Student burnout syndrome is a psychosocial phenomenon, product of the chronic exposure to stressful stimulants due to the educational process. There are factors, like the high academic requirements and the selection procedures, which trigger this syndrome in medical students.

Objective: To determine the presence of burnout syndrome among the medicine degree students from the faculty of medicine.

Method: A prospective, cross-sectional and analytical study was performed on 344 group I and group II students of the propaedeutic courses of 2014. The One-dimensional Scale of Student Burnout and a sociodemographic questionnaire were the tools used. The level of burnout was determined according to the scale proposed by Barraza. The data was analysed using the 23rd SPSS statistic package.

Results: Presence of burnout was detected in both student groups. The group II students showed the higher burnout level. This group was characterised by a higher enrolment and a lower age. There was no correlation between gender and burnout, or with the travel time to the campus.

Conclusions: This study demonstrates the presence of a mild level of burnout syndrome in medical students. Increased enrolment could be a factor that could lead to the development of burnout.