Ethics in research in medical education: Considerations and Current Challenges

Ética en la investigación en educación médica: Consideraciones y retos actuales
Yazmín Alejandra Lara Gutiérreza, y Maura Pompa Mansillaa

a Subdirección de Investigación en Educación
Coordinación de Desarrollo Educativo e Innovación Curricular (CODEIC). Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, México

Palabras Clave

Consideraciones éticas, investigación en educación médica, consentimiento
informado, retos éticos.


Ethical considerations, research in medical education, informed consent, ethical challenges.


Research is developed with the aim of uncovering new scientific information that helps broaden knowledge that benefits society. Therefore the significant preoccupation respect the ethical considerations in research. In this case we focus primarily in medical research associated with educational processes. The discussion about ethics and research has its origins in biomedical research after World War II as a response to a profound crisis of legitimacy of the scientific work. There have been several studies that involved humans as study subjects that had as a consequence the creation of international declarations and regulations in some countries in order to protect the subjects that participate in such researches. In this paper we address the ethical considerations that must be taken into account when developing research that is linked with medical education, its background, and some examples of studies that highlight some of the challenges that are faced today.