Educational environment during hospital practices. The case of Dentistry

Ambiente educacional durante las prácticas hospitalarias
El caso de Odontología
Yuri Castro-Rodrígueza,*, Brandon Yoplac-Lopezb, Lady Huamán-Aguilarb, Wendy Lugo-Huertasb

a Universidad Privada Juan Pablo II, Lima, Perú.

b Sociedad Científica de Estudiantes de Odontología, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Perú.

Recibido: 27-mayo-2017. Aceptado: 29-agosto-2017.

* Autor para correspondencia: Yuri Alejandro Castro Rodríguez. Jr. Tomás Catari 463, Urb. El Trébol. Dpto. 201. Los Olivos. Tel.: 991719062. Correo electrónico:

Palabras Clave

Internado y Residencia, Evaluación educacional, Actividad educacional, Odontología, Perú.


Internship and Residency, Educational measurement, Educational activity, Dentistry, Peru.


Introduction: The importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an educational environment will guide and improve academic policies that have a positive impact on the profile of students.

Objective: The present study had the objective to evaluate the perception of dentistry interns about the educational environment within the rotations in the hospitals of Lima.

Method: 42 interns were surveyed through the “Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure” questionnaire. The questionnaire included the perception of three dimensions: Role of Autonomy, Teaching and Social Support. Students who completed the last year of the undergraduate course and who did their internships in the national and military hospitals of the city of Lima during 2017 were included.

Results: The perception of the global educational environment reached a score of 120 ± 12.64 (more positive than negative), the dimension Role of Autonomy a score of 41.9 ± 3.66 (More positive of the work of each one), the Teaching dimension a score of 47.76 ± 6.61 (Teachers models) and the Social Support dimension a value of 30.33 ± 4.05 (More pros than cons).

Conclusions: The educational environment within the hospitals of Lima was perceived as more positive than negative, with spaces for improvement by dentistry interns. A better perception of the mastery of teaching regards teachers as models for clinical practice.