Quality of didactic planning carried out by the health professional with teaching activity

Quality of didactic planning carried out by the health professional with teaching activity
Raúl Hernández Ordóñeza,*, Alicia Camacho Guerrerob, Patricia Atzimba Espinosa Alarcónc

a Centro de Investigación Educativa y Formación Docente, IMSS, Delegación Guanajuato, México.
b Unidad de Medicina Familiar No. 53, IMSS, Delegación Guanajuato, México.
c División de Innovación Educativa, Coordinación de Educación en Salud, UEIPS, DPM, IMSS.

Recibido: 16-noviembre-2017. Aceptado: 14-mayo-2018.

* Autor para correspondencia: Raúl Hernández Ordóñez. Blvd. J.J. Torres Landa No. 5804, Colonia Jardines de Jeréz, C.P. 37530. León, Guanajuato. Teléfono: (01) 477 771 7761, extensión: 31813.Correo electrónico: raul.hernandezo@imss.gob.mx

Palabras Clave

Formación docente; Desempeño docente; Planeación didáctica; Evaluación del docente.


Teacher training; Teaching performance; Didactic planning; Teacher evaluation.


Introduction: Teacher professional training, curricular development and didactic planning (DP) are relevant in the quality of the educational processes in the Mexican Institute of Social Security. In the Guanajuato Delegation, graduates of professionalization (DPDES) have been implemented to train teachers and ensure that quality.

Objective: To identify the quality of the DP carried out by the graduates of the DPDES, from the years 2009 to 2015, of the Guanajuato Delegation and its relationship with the time elapsed since its conclusion and teaching antiquity.

Method: Correlational, crosssectional, prospective study. A Rubric was validated to evaluate the quality of the DP (REQ-DP). We included 24 active professors, graduates of the DPDES from 2009 to 2015 (size according to correlation of 0.6, confidence level 95%, power 80% and losses 20%); each one gave a DP for its analysis; Stratified and proportional random sampling. Inter- and intra-observer concordance was calculated in the REQ-DP applicators, descriptive statistics and Spearman’s test were used.

Results: Reliability of the REQ-DP rs = 0.9; inter-observer agreement k = 0.84; intra observer k = 1. The quality of the PDs in half of the cases was very bad to bad. Correlation between DP quality and DPDES discharge time, rs = -0.238 (p = 0.263). Correlation between DP quality and years of teaching experience, rs = -0.248 (p = 0.242).

Conclusion: The REQ-DP is valid and reliable. The quality of the DP is precarious and has little negative relationship with the years of graduation from DPDES and with teaching seniority.